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How to Post a Question


1. Use the SEARCH feature first

There is a pretty good chance that unless you have some really odd or unique problem that it has been addressed on our forum before, please use the forum’s search feature first to see if there are already some good threads on the subject. It’s easy to search – just click the “Search” button at the top of the page.


2. Be DESCRIPTIVE and Don’t use vague topic names

Post a descriptive topic name! Give a short summary of your problem IN THE SUBJECT.  (Don’t use attention getting subjects. They don’t get attention and only annoy people).


Here’s a great list of topic subjects YOU SHOULD NOT POST :

"Help me" or  "Very urgent"  or "I have a question"

Generally ANYTHING similar to those is unacceptable. Just post your problem. Here is a good example of a way to post a question

“VBA Data Validation Error” or “INDEX/MATCH Formula not working correctly”

3. Explain the problem you are having, and discuss the OUTCOME you expect to see

Setting up the problem, and explaining what you're TRYING to do, will help us determine how best to help you. Posting additional information like your current VBA Code, your workbook layout, error messages you're receiving will help resolve your query quicker!


4. Forum Tools to Post VBA Code and Worksheet Excerpts

When you would like to post VBA code to the forum, please follow these steps:

To insert code into a post:

1. Copy the code from the VBE

2. In your post type (without the *) [code*]

3. Paste your code directly after typing in the code tag

4. At the end of your code type (without the *) [/code*]



If you follow these guidelines, you will likely get faster and better responses!  :D



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