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Conditional Formatting Based on Date Proximity

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When working with a task list that has completion dates, it is useful to have a visual representation for tasks that have been completed, overdue or completed. This handy Conditional Formatting trick with do the leg work for you by indication

  1. When a task is overdue and not been completed
  2. When a task is due within the next 5 days
  3. When a task has been completed


The data set I am working with and the formatted cells are shown below



To achieve this, 

  • Select your end date data (Cells B2:B14)
  • On the 'Home' Ribbon, click 'Conditional Formatting'
  • Click 'New Rule'
  • Click 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format'

Then set up three rules for each colour as indicated below








If you have any questions, Drop a comment below :D


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