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  1. Thanks Caleeco I will test this when I am home from work tonight. Thanks Again Dougie
  2. Hello Caleeco Thanks for the quick reply. There could be up to 140 different columns of data to copy from the conversion sheet to the import sheet. So yes if possible the vba would need to look at the column heading on the import sheet and match it to one on the conversion sheet to copy the values or dates from that column on the conversion sheet to the import sheet. I hope that makes sense. Thanks Again Dougie
  3. Hello Caleeco 1. There are extra columns on the "Conversion Sheet" that I don't want to be copied over. All of the columns headings on the "Import Sheet" are on the "Conversion Sheet" 2. The "Import Sheet" may have data on it which will need to be cleared leaving the header, so from Row 2 down. 3. The file paths on this comp are: C:\Users\Dougie\Desktop\Data to Upload\[Conversion_Sheet]Sheet1 C:\Users\Dougie\Desktop\Data to Upload\[Import_Sheet]Sheet1 Both the workbook with the Conversion Sheet and the workbook with the Import Sheet will be open when copying over the data. Thanks Again Caleeco Dougie
  4. Hi Guys Nice site Caleeco I am looking for a VBA to copy the values from one workbook to another based on the column headings, sample data attached. The "Conversion_Sheet" has the data that I want to copy to the "Import_Sheet". The "Conversion_Sheet" has to contain the VBA code as the "Import_Sheet" has to be saved as xls to be imported. The column headings are constantly changing and there could be anything between 2 columns to 200. Additionally there could be 1000s of rows. Any help as always will be a great help. Thanks Dougie Conversion_Sheet.xlsm Import_Sheet.xlsx
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