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  1. I apologize, I thought I had responded to this yesterday, everything seems to be working great. I've tested the tool out a few times and it does exactly what I need. All I need to do is tidy up some of my formulas and figure out why the players and their Tm/Bye scramble on each sort. Thanks for your help and thanks for adding the comments to the code!
  2. That is correct, although I don't think the strikethrough of the name on the overall sheet would be necessary because when the players FantPt is cleared, and both lists are sorted, that player would disappear from the overall list. if it doesn't take too much extra time out of your schedule, could you perhaps comment on some of the code, would be easier for me to pick it apart and learn
  3. Cal, Thanks for your help on this. I am using 2016 also. I want to dig through the code and changes. I see it's working but doesn't appear to be working properly and maybe there is something I can spot to fix it. On your end, when you click the checkbox next to David Johnson, where does he end up on the updated list after the click? When I click the box, David Johnson remains as the #1 player on the list with a new x-value but drops to the #4 player on the RB Sheet. My intentions are for the player drafted (checkbox selected) to either disappear from the overall sheet, drop to the bottom of the list, or simply be marked as drafted with a simple strikethrough font and all the x-values be changed accordingly. the easiest way I could show this would be to go to the Sheet RB and delete the contents of Cell N2 then sort column U2 on Sheet RB. Back on sheet Overall, sort column G.
  4. I manually ran the "SetBox" macro because clicking a checkbox after inputing the code had no result. After running the SetBox macro, when I click on a check box I get the following error message: Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property of method If I manually run the "Fluff" macro I get the following error: Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the Checkboxes property of the Worksheet class
  5. Thanks for your reply Caleeco, I have plugged the code from the response on the other site into the sheet and am returned with this error; Set Chk = Sheets("Overall").CheckBoxes(Application.Caller) I have yet to research what the error is as I am working on homework at the moment, but the author of the solution stated that they were unsure if it would work because they were using a different version of excel.
  6. I'm creating a fantasy drafting tool to use in fantasy football. I have it setup how I want it, but I am lost with all things VBA. Currently, I'm just recording Macros on each checkbox click, but I'm pretty sure some VBA code would work a lot better. Background on the tool, it is a VBD (Value-Based Drafting) drafting tool. The way it works is you input your player projections for the season and your leagues scoring, and it totals the fantasy points for that player. The VBD part comes in by taking a baseline number for each position and subtracting each player's total fantasy points from that baseline number. The way to get that baseline number is by counting/guessing/figuring out how many players at each position will be drafted in the first 100 pick selections. For instance, I'm estimating 11 quarterbacks will be selected in the first 100 picks, so the total fantasy points for the 11th quarterback on the list becomes the baseline number. Every quarterback's fantasy points are subtracted from this figure giving you an X-Value, this is done for each position. The 11th QB on my list is Eli Manning, and I project him to get 332.72 points, 332.72 is the baseline for QBs, and Eli Mannings x-value would be zero. The 4th ranked QB on my list is Drew Brees, and I project him to get 381.08 points. 381.08 points minus the baseline set by Eli Manning of 332.72 points gives Brees an x-value of 47.36. When a quarterback is drafted, he is removed from the equation, and every quarterback below him moves up, so the baseline changes to the new 11th ranked quarterback and all x-values will adjust. I've got an excel sheet representing this but the only way I know how to make it all work is by putting a macro enabled check box for all 500 players, when a box is ticked next to the player it deletes the fantasy point projection for that player and sorts the list by x-value. Very clunky and sloppy and I know there's an easier way to do this I just don't know how or it requires VBA which is out of my league (at least until I get my computer science degree). I should also mention that I have posted this question for help on another site, https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1019659-excel-project-has-me-loss.html. Have a look; input is very welcomed. Thank You Until I figure out how to attach files here is a dropbox link to the excel sheet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y6b36bitdyno0f/Fantasy Tool_test.xlsm?dl=0