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  1. Hey Everyone I have a spreadsheet with about 44,000 rows in it. The address column has short forms like Rd for Road and Dr for Drive. I'd like to convert all short forms. My problem is find and replace won't work on things like St without also affecting street names that start with St. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to tackle this beast?
  2. Has anyone talked with Cal lately? Perhaps he's on vacation? If so, well deserved! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Nast
  3. So what's everyone doing for summer vacation? I usually camp a little and do some day trips. I like to visit Niagara Falls at least once or twice in the summer. One of the benefits of living so close to the Falls. Regardless....enjoy your summer! Nast
  4. Hey Cal, Hope all is going well. I've been using the macro and it's been working beautifully. Occasionally it will give me an overflow error. It only happens once in awhile and in those cases I simply copy and paste the data from the spreadsheet to the presentation. Not sure if it's because it's a bigger city with bigger numbers? Just a wild guess. Just wondering if you could tell me why it's happening. I'm sending you the sample files with the data that is causing the overflow error. I will send the files data.xls and presentation xls. No rush. I like the donator tag! Looks nice. Thanks!
  5. This post might get better attention in the Excel & VBA help section?
  6. Hey Cal, You Sir are a genius! It looks fantastic and works like a charm. Please consider this solved with extreme satisfaction!!! Nast
  7. I never get tired of watching a macro rip through a huge spreadsheet and give me all my results in 2 seconds! Who's with me?? Nast
  8. Hey Cal, It looks absolutely amazing! I'm having one small glitch. When I run the macro it seems to be removing my titles from slide 11, 14, and 15. Not sure why. Other than that. Runs beautifully!!! I posted your site details on my Facebook and Twitter. I'm singing your praises all over the net! lol Nast
  9. OUTSTANDING Cal! Simply outstanding! It works beautifully! You are a master of VBA! Can't wait to see the finished product! Job well done sir! You need to have yourself on Facebook and Twitter! I'm happy to send people here!
  10. Hey Cal, That fixed slide 8! Amazing! Excited about the final installment!!! I'm on lesson 5 at WiseOwl! Loving it. Thanks again for the referral! Nast
  11. Hey Cal, I tried the code for problem #5-8 and it looks great. One small hiccup. Problem #5: I want to copy the text from Competitive Strength worksheet column L to PowerPoint slide 8. Not the header. Problem #6: I want to copy the text from Important to Retain worksheet column L to PowerPoint slide 11. Not the header. Problem #7: I want to copy the text from Competitive Weakness worksheet column L to PowerPoint slide 14. Not the header. Problem #8: I want to copy the text from Emerging Industries worksheet column L to PowerPoint slide 15. Not the header. The code that's putting the text into slide 8 is putting it at the top of the page in black text. All the other pages look fantastic!! They are using white text and it's centred. It looks good. I tried the code for the following too: Problem #1: On the Job's worksheet there is data in column L and N that I want to transfer to PowerPoint slide 2 presentation file Problem #2: I want to copy the values from the "Change" worksheet in column L and O to PowerPoint slide 3. Not the headers. The headers already exist in the destination table on slide 3. Problem #3: I want to copy the values from "LQ>1.2" Column L to O to slide 5. Not the headers. Problem #4: I want to copy the values from "LQ<0.8" column L to O to slide 6. Not the headers The code for Problem #1-4 works perfectly! You da man! Thanks!!! Just problem 9 and tying them all together and it will be a masterpiece!! Thanks again Cal. Nast
  12. Took the first two VBA lessons on Wiseowl!! Loving it!!
  13. Thanks Cal. That's amazing! Will have to test it on Monday. I'd love to be able to update all the sheets at once. Great work!!
  14. Thanks Cal! Glad you mentioned the PowerPoint Reference! Outstanding! That is precisely what I was wanting it to do. I just wanted to copy the data! Perfect. If we could do that same thing with the other pages in the initial request...that would be awesome! Thanks so much. I seriously need to learn VBA. You are the guru! Nast
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