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  1. Not a problem at all, Caleeco I'll be waiting
  2. Hi, thank you Your understanding is perfectly right. Yes, they're all gonna be pdf documents and I use Adobe standard X Good luck with the forum... the design is pretty neat. Regards, Crazyclix
  3. Hi Folks, So, I've got to do this repetitive task at work that involves inputting certain text (eg: ABCDE) in an excel cell and using that data to open an external file (.PDF) and protecting that with the cell's data (ABCDE) as the document open password. Since, it is a work PC, I cannot install a macro recorder or any external application. Can this be done using excel or any other native application in Windows 7? Additional Info: 1. What is the cell reference for where you input the data (ABCDE) eg. Sheet 1 Cell A5 A. 1. Sheet 1 cell d5 2. How does the entered text relate to the PDF? The entered text should be used to password protect the document. Document open password and not permissions password. 3. What is the file location for the PDF? (Filepath) C:/folder/ (macro should be able to password protect all files in this folder with cell d5's content as the document open password) 4. What is being password protected? The PDF or the original Spreadsheet? The pdf file located in the path mentioned above. Thanks a ton for your help..