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    Hi, I'm busy with converting excel files to pdf and send them out with Outlook. The converting is okay, but I want to add a password protection. The password will be a general one, so it doesn't have to put in manually each time the excel file will be converted. Can you help me with this. This is a part of the vba code : If .Range("F2").Value = "PDF" Then FileName = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & .Range("C" & CustRow).Value & " " & .Range("G" & CustRow).Value & ".pdf" 'creeert file met persnr en achternaam WordDoc.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName:=FileName, ExportFormat:=wdExportFormatPDF WordDoc.Close False Else 'Als het in Word moet FileName = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & .Range("C" & CustRow).Value & " " & .Range("G" & CustRow).Value & ".docx" WordDoc.SaveAs FileName End If If .Range("J2").Value = "Email" Then Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set OutMail = OutApp.Createitem(0) With OutMail .To = Blad16.Range("U" & CustRow).Value .Subject = "Beste " & Blad16.Range("E" & CustRow).Value & "ADV en ziek" .Body = "Beste " & Blad16.Range("E" & CustRow).Value & "Hier de brief mbt adv en ziek" .Attachments.Add FileName .Display 'Als je zonder van tevoren wilt zien dan .Display to.Send End With Else: WordDoc.PrintOut WordDoc.Close End If Kill (FileName) 'Gooit de pdf of word document weg wat je hebt aangemaakt Can you help me with this one ? Thanks Ron