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    Hi again Caleeco Sorry to be a pain but I've just been simulating the effect of the requested coding and I've found a small issue. There are times when not every symbol in 'Summary' col B will have a corresponding .csv file. I can readily overcome this by increasing the amount of data in each .csv file, but it complicates the coding slightly because instead of reading data from a specific cell in the .csv file it will now need to read the last value in the column. So, in items c) & h) above, please replace "Read the value in the .csv file cell B2" with "Read the last value in col B of the .csv file". That should ensure there is always a .csv file to correspond with each symbol in 'Summary' col B and hence each symbol would have a value in col F, although for safety it might be sensible to include some error trapping to allow for a situation where there is no corresponding .csv file. And of course the first line in d) of the upper block is no longer valid; there will now be multiple cells of data and different numbers of cells in each .csv file. In text mode, it's always the last value in the last line that has to be read. Thanks
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