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    Hey Caleeco, I'm upgrading my dashboard with some new charts, however, space is a premium as most people in the office work on small laptop screens! 😶 Would you be able to help me with something i've dreamt up? Basically... i want to stack 2 charts one on top of the other. Then be able to click on Cell B3 to bring the first chart to the front (hiding the other one behind it), or click cell B4 to bring the second chart to the front. So it will look like they're coming out of nowhere 😁 My Chart names are 'Chart 1' and 'Chart 2' if you need them. Can you write some VBA magic? Z
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    Ah, that's not a VITAL bit of code.. it's just generally good practice when using the SelectionChange Event. It basically prevents the code running if you select more than one cell with your mouse. Eg... if you selected both B3 and B4 at the same time, the code will get confused and not trigger either event! 😵 Glad it worked 😊 Caleeco
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    Hello Ziya Good to see you again. That's an awesome idea! Certainly something we can use the SelectionChange Event to implement. Try this code out and see if it does what you need. Obviously you'll need to align your charts up first & past the code in the relevant SHEET object and not a VBA module. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) '//--- Source: www.ExcelWTF.com '//--- Purpose: Quick Switch between charts If Target.Count > 1 Or Intersect(Target, Range("B3:B4")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub If Target.Address = "$B$3" Then ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ZOrder msoBringToFront If Target.Address = "$B$4" Then ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 2").ZOrder msoBringToFront End Sub Hope That Helps Caleeco 😎