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  1. Search Sheets and Create Summary Table

    Hey Caleeco! Thanks for the added error message, everything is up and running now. This will be a huge timesaver! Doing this manually everytime was getting tedious
  2. Search Sheets and Create Summary Table

    Hey Caleeco, Just got back home and spun the code through. Everything seems to work fine. One thing I noticed, when the part number is not found on either sheet... I don't get any error message? Is it possble to get a pop-up thats says "Part Number not found on either dataset"? Thanks for your help!
  3. Search Sheets and Create Summary Table

    Hello Caleeco, That's ok, I've been a bit with some other projects too. Thanks for the VBA code, I will test it a bit later today and let you know if I have any problems!
  4. Search Sheets and Create Summary Table

    Hello Caleeco, Thank you for the reply! Ok I have listed my answers to your queries: Are the sheets names as you have specified, "Dashboard", "SAP Data" and "User Input"? Yes Can the part number appear on both sheets? If so, do you want to list both or display an error? It shouldn't, but an error would be good. Can there be multiple entries of the part number in each sheet? If so, do you want to find the first one only? or all? Yes, but I'm only interested in the first one found (top to bottom, as they are sorted by deliverable date) What RANGE on each sheet needs to be searched for the part number? i.e. Column A or Cells A1:A100 etc Cells C2:C? on both sheets (last row can change) Message me if you need any more info, thanks again
  5. Hi Caleeco, Having a problem with a dashboard i'm trying to set up. Basically I have 3 sheets in my workbook Sheet 1 - Dashboard Sheet 2 - SAP Data Sheet 3 - User Input On the dashboard sheet I have a part number in cell A4, and what I want to do is find it on Sheet 1 and 2. Then on the dashboard I want to have a table (header row is cell D3), which will display the sheet name it appears in and where on the sheet it is. I tried doing some VLOOKUPS, but didnt have much luck. Is there a VBA way to do this?
  6. Website looks awesome! Clean design, the logos are awesome! Not much to add, looks like your list of scheduled improvements should cover it
  7. Hi

    Hello, Came over from another well known Excel Forum, Nice website Caleeco! Looks pretty slick. I'll be sure to post my next VBA query over here, should be fairly soon lol, working on some coding at the moment Reso