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  1. Create Address Label using User Data

    Hi Caleeco, So sorry for not getting back to you sooner, work-life has been busy! Ahhh ok, I'm clueless when it comes to arrays... I'm still learning the basic macro stuff YES!!! Some tutorials would be great! Thanks for breaking down the problem, at least I now know how to spot arrays Z
  2. Create Address Label using User Data

    Thanks Caleeco! I sort of followed what you did, but I'm not good enough at VBA to understand all of it! Not sure how 1 string variable Label gets used to make separate address entries I like how it fills up the page left to right, and then top to bottom However, the cells are left aligned.. is there a way to have them more centralised? As I will be printing these on sticky paper, dont want the addresses right on the edge. Z
  3. Create Address Label using User Data

    Hey Caleeco, Yes if you could please omit the first name that would be good. Surname should always be filled out so that can be used to find the end of the data. I will probably add a Unique ID for each entry at a later date, but we use last name for now. Kind Regards Z
  4. I have a spreadsheet that contain some names and addresses for clients. The Data is on a sheet called "2017" and is layed out like this: The first entry is on Row 2 and ends Row 50 (but that can change). Can someone help me write a macro so that it can Create and address for each line like this (skipping blank cells): Miss Z Sepp 256 Hollywood Ave Fairfied New Jersey NJ 00074 And have each pasted on a sheet called "Labels". This is to enable printed labels to be created with addresses already on them. I have uploaded the Lables sheets but not the DATA as it has sensitve information on them. If you have any follow up questions please let me know Thanks Z Labels.xlsx
  5. Auto Hide Columns Based on Selection

    Hey Caleeco, I dont actually see that tick box, I can only vote answers up or down. Is there something I have to enable? Z

    I like the Donator and Staff label things you have on the top right! Pretty cool I have a trip planned in June with some friends to go to Miami, should be pretty lit! Looking forward to it Z
  7. The new website looks great, certainly an upgrade! More emoticons would be nice I could do with some more confused ones... as that's my expression most of the time when using VBA Z
  8. Auto Hide Columns Based on Selection

    Not a problem! It's all working great now. Thanks for adding comments to the code so I can sort of understand what is going on lol With the color change, if I want to change it in the future, do I just change this line: Code: ActiveSheet.Range("A" & r).Interior.ColorIndex = 37 'Colour the correct cell How do I know what ColorIndex number to pick for Red, or yellow for example? Thanks Z
  9. Auto Hide Columns Based on Selection

    Wait... what!? LOL I was expecting some sort of 10 level IF Statement, but that equation to find the starting column is genius... i wouldn't have thought of that! Code works great! However, the selected cell doesnt appear to turn blue when I choose a product. Do I need to add conditional formatting or something? Z
  10. All, I'm looking for some help on a VBA code! I have a spreadsheet which holds data for products we sell (columns A to AY) Product Data Data 1 Data 2 Data 3 Data 4 Data 5 1 x x x x x 2 x x x x x 3 x x x x x 4 x x x x x 5 x x x x x 6 x x x x x I have 10 products in total, each of which has 5 columns of matching data. So Product 1 is related to columns B:F, Product 2 is related to columns G:K, and so on. Is it possible to get VBA to hide the columns not applicable when a Product in column A is selected? Also can it highlight the selected Product in blue? I know this has something to do with WorkSheet Change Events? But i'm not too familiar with it... any help would be great! Thanks Z
  11. Save Copy of Workbook but Change Filename

    :thumbup: Another Accepted Answer! That code works a treat! I will test it on my live data this week and let you know if anything crops up
  12. Save Copy of Workbook but Change Filename

    I've not really thought about that haha. I suppose if you keep the copy macro enabled, I can run the same macro to make a date stamped copy of the copy! right?
  13. Hi Caleeco Got a problem I'm hoping you can help me solve. I need the code to do the following: I have a workbook Im enter in data in I want to be able to run a macro to Save a Copy of the workbook but not save the original The new workbook will have the same name as the original but have the current date added on the end Save new file in the same location as the old one Prompt me if I want to close the new workbook created Is all this possible? I know it cant be that hard, but I'm struggling as usual. ha! Thanks Z
  14. Hey, I have a problem, I dont know how to go about solving. Bascially I have a sheet with some data, and I need to be able to check how many unique entries are in column B. I think I could stumble my way though using VBA, but this spreadsheet cannot be macro enabled (for reasons I wont bore you with). I'm aware of the "Remove Duplicates" thing in Excel, but the data gets updated weekly, and it would be a bit tedious creating a copy of the list, removing duplicates and then counting the list. Any suggestions??? Z

    I have perfect timing it seems! Just about to post a excel Q in the main forum... need formula help!! Thanks Z